Have we contacted you?

In most cases, heirs to an estate are known and named in a Will; most people make Wills to ensure their possessions are in safe hands when they pass away. However, more and more people are passing away without leaving a Will (known legally as intestate). When a next of kin cannot be easily located, a Probate Researcher steps in.

You have been contacted because we believe you are the deceased nearest next of kin or may have information that could help locate them. In most cases the deceased person is a distant relative – in fact, most of our beneficiaries have never heard of the person who has died intestate.

We only contact people who we believe have a genuine entitlement. This comes after extensive research into their family tree to establish a bloodline connection to the deceased.

It is not unusual for our clients to initially feel a little cautious and of course we understand this. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.