Bankruptcy Search

It is common practice to provide a bankruptcy search on all the heirs to an estate before administration. If a beneficiary has been declared bankrupt their creditors may have a claim to their inheritance.

We can undertake bankruptcy searches in the UK and internationally for the protection of the Personal Representatives. This will alleviate any risks of future claims and ensure that the correct people benefit from the estate in question.

We will require the full name, date of birth and address of the subject of your search and will issue you a full report of our findings.


What is it? – Through online research, we determine if a beneficiary is, or has been bankrupt. This should be done for each Beneficiary as possible creditors would be entitled to their inheritance.

Why do we do it? – The law society strongly urge that bankruptcy searches should be done for each Beneficiary. Due to this, we provide this practice for all our cases and offer this service to 3rd parties also.

Do we charge? – Our hourly rate £145 + VAT per hour.

How long does it take? – This is case depending, but it is unlikely it would take more than an hour per Beneficiary. With some instances taking far less time.


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