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Family Tree Verification

Blanchards Offer A Comprehensive Family Tree Verification Service To The Public And Legal Sector.

You may need to verify existing research if you are distributing an estate. Our genealogists and experts in the Law of Intestacy can assist you in creating and verifying a family tree.

There is a possibility of errors on family trees if you rely on the information of a family member. For example, in cases of illegitimacy, sometimes their families’ true histories are hidden from them. Genealogical errors can also occur when you rely on internet-based sources. This is due to the fact that about 10% of all online records have transcription errors.

We can review an existing family tree and any certificates you may have. If any gaps, mistakes, or errors are found, Blanchards will provide a detailed written report detailing any areas that require attention.

What is it? – In cases of intestacy, we can use our research skills to provide clarification of family trees for solicitors. It is important that a family tree is correct to ensure you have e the correct beneficiaries and correct family in general.

Why do we do it? – Solicitors need to provide evidence before they can distribute any money to the correct beneficiaries.

Do we charge? – Yes prices start at £450 + VAT. However, this price can increase depending on the size and scope of the family tree.

How long does it take? – Again, this is different for each case.

Blanchards offer an extensive selection of services to the legal and public sector. From beneficiary tracing to bankruptcy searches, we work on hand with Solicitors and other Legal Profesionals to provide an expert and stress free service. Please view our other legal services.  We look forward to working with you.

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