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Missing Beneficiary Search

Blanchards Offer A Comprehensive Missing Beneficiary Search To The Public Sector.

We offer our services at no cost to members of the public sector who require a missing beneficiary search. This includes local authorities, coroners, hospitals, charities, banks and more.

As an established firm of Probate Researchers, we can locate the next of kin with speed and efficiency before a referral to the Government is needed. Once we have an agreement with the entitled beneficiaries, we have the authority to handle the estate and take the responsibility off your hands.

Naturally, any costs that you may have incurred can be recovered from the estate; we will handle all of the deceased’s assets. Locating the next of kin will never cost the public sector.


What is it? – We search for missing Beneficiaries for the public sector.

Why do we do it? – The public sector must let the relatives know of the intestates passing. However, this can prove to be difficult and time consuming, so Heir Hunters are hired to locate the beneficiaries.

Do we charge? – No, we don’t charge the public sector.

How long does it take? –  This varies with each case due to location and other variables. Usually no longer than a week to gain some information.


Blanchards offer an extensive selection of services to the public sector. From heir hunting to asset searches, we work on hand with councils, hospitals, coroners and everything in between, to provide an expert and stress free service. To view our other services please click here. We look forward to working with you.

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