Heir Hunting

What is Heir Hunting?

Heir Hunting is term referring to tracing Beneficiaries who would be entitled to an estate. This action is carried out when the Intestate (deceased person leaving the estate) did not write a will and had no family that were entitled to claim said estate.  In most cases the Beneficiary will not  know the Intestate, being a distant relative. It is our duty to locate the Beneficiaries, inform them of the estate and begin the process of transferring it.

We are able to locate heirs worldwide at no cost to the public sector.

We will perform a free search for any missing Heirs. This reveals within a short period of time whether or not there are any living Heirs to the deceased. If we confirm there are living relatives we will let you know and assist you further should you require. If however there are no living relatives we will prove this for you and you can refer the case onward to the Government Legal Department with peace of mind.


What is it? – We trace missing Beneficiaries for the public sector for people that they are dealing with that have passed away. Maybe in care, hospital or a council.

Why do we do it? – This is done to locate their heirs and rightful Beneficiaries to the estate. The relatives must be informed, and the remaining estate must go to the entitled Beneficiaries assuming there is no will.

Do we charge? – Yes we charge the Beneficiaries a fixed rate percentage from the estate for finding them.

How long does it take? – This varies with each case due to location and other variables. Usually no longer than a week to gain some information.


We believe that our modern methods of research, coupled with the traditional techniques that most companies use, make our ability to find someone or something almost unparalleled. We strongly believe that our unique skill set makes us very capable Heir Hunters.

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