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Locate Missing Beneficiaries

Our Services for Locating Missing Beneficiaries

It is not uncommon for beneficiaries to go missing. People move houses multiple times in their lives, and some even move countries. As families and friends drift further apart, you likely cannot contact them at the most critical times.

You may be executing a Will, perhaps written years before the testator died. In this case, beneficiaries of the will are likely to have moved from the address given. If this is the case, we can locate them to a current address and provide you with contact details such as a telephone number or email.

If you’re dealing with a case of intestacy, you may be looking for one or more beneficiaries. Cases of intestacy are usually more complex, and more work is required; however, this is our forte. We can establish the beneficiaries by completing the family tree and locating them to a current address.

If you have a case you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us. No one case is the same, so we have various fee options to suit them all.

Please read our blog post, Solicitors You Need Us! to learn more about our beneficiary tracing and experience working with the legal sector. For instance, our ability to trace beneficiaries on a global scale.

Due to the nature of the industry, we are aware that no two cases are the same, so we offer our clients 4 flexible fee options.


What is it? – We locate beneficiaries to cases of testacy (with a will) and intestacy (without a will). Beneficiaries can be difficult to locate, they may have changed their name, changed address or even moved abroad.

Why do we do it? – Because a solicitor HAS to legally be seen giving the beneficiaries of an estate their legal entitlement and in many cases the rightful heirs can not be found.

How long does it take? – This is case depending. It depends where the beneficiary has relocated and how difficult they are to locate.

No Win, No Fee

Our no win, no fee options have an obvious advantage for our clients. Unless the work we have been commissioned to do is complete, we are not paid. These options also mean that the client instructing us is not responsible for payment of our fee, it is deducted from the Estate during Administration. Follow us on LinkedIn for more news and blogs about how we help the legal sector.

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