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Bespoke Services

Blanchard’s Inheritance offer a range of services related to Genealogy and Probate. We often handles cases of Intestacy, through which the deceased has died without a Will. We help arrange the estate; ranging from tracing the next of kin to estate distribution. In addition, our services are usually required to support the public sector, solicitors, or legatees.

However, there have been instances where our assistance is needed for circumstances not included in the list of services on our website. Please contact one of our expert team members if you require genealogical or probate-related services.

We aim to help even in the most complicated or unusual cases.

Blanchards offer an extensive selection of services to the legal sector. From beneficiary tracing to bankruptcy searches, we work on hand with Solicitors and other Legal Professionals to provide an expert and stress free service. Please view our other legal services. We look forward to working with you.

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