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Law of Intestacy Guidance

Expert Guidance On The Law Of Intestacy

Blanchard’s Inheritance are experts in the Law of Intestacy and offer guidance to anyone who is faced with intestate succession. We understand that every case is different and have a team of experienced case managers who can assist you. Furthermore, we offer our services at no cost to members of the public sector.

The Law of Intestacy applies when someone dies without leaving a valid will. It is a scenario that we deal with on a daily basis. In addition, this law also applies in the case of partial intestacy, when someone dies leaving a will that disposes of some but not all of their estate.


What is it? – We offer guidance on the Law of Intestacy to members of the public sector. If you are dealing with an estate, we can assist with completing a family tree, as well as handle the estate correctly and effectively.

Why do we do it? – This process can be a struggle if you are unfamiliar with the Law of Intestacy. It isn’t always easy to determine who is entitled to the estate and ensure you have checked every possible avenue for potential Beneficiaries. Moreover, making mistakes with who can inherit from the estate can cause larger issues later and even lead to legal problems.

Do we charge? – No, our intestacy guidance is free to the public sector.

How long does it take? – This will take a few hours to deal with in regular circumstances. However, factors like the size of the tree and location of the descendants can amass longer time periods.

For a clear explanation of how the rules of intestate succession apply to your particular case please contact us.

Blanchard’s offer an extensive selection of services to the public sector, from Heir Hunting to asset searches. We work on hand with councils, hospitals, coroners and everything in between, to provide an expert and stress free service. To view our other services please click here. We look forward to working with you.

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