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Private Client Services

We offer a wide array of services to the legal sector.

At Blanchards, we provide genealogy and tracing services to solicitors and other legal practitioners nationwide. We provide a quality service that can be relied upon repeatedly.

If you are a solicitor looking for next of kin or beneficiaries of a will, we can help. Our experienced and expert research team can assist in even the most complex cases.
We also offer other valuable services, including missing document searches, asset searches, family tree verification, and more.

We have high professional and ethical standards, which we know are essential to solicitors and other legal practitioners. Therefore, we make every effort to follow best practice methods in an otherwise unregulated industry. We have voluntarily registered with the IAPPR, who provide regulation for a network of elite international companies.

Please see below the range of legal services we offer and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a specific case. You can also find us on LinkedIn, where we share our favourite stories and discuss relevant topics to the Will and Probate industry.


Locate missing beneficiaries

Locate missing beneficiaries, whether that's intestacy or those named in a will (testate case).


Trace anyone internationally with our ethical tracing service.


Obtain missing beneficiary and/or missing will insurance.

Missing document service

Locate and obtain documents internationally. Such as birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates.

Property services

The most valuable asset of an estate is usually the property; We offer a range of services for Probate Properties.

Family tree verification

Ensure that a family tree is correct and up to date, which is vital when administering an Estate.

Find next of kin

Find next of kin free of charge on Bona Vacantia cases and secure administration for the instructing client.

Asset search

It is vital that all assets are located before applying for Probate.