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Report An Empty Property

We get abandoned and empty properties back in use! Our empty property service comes at no cost to the referrer in cases where the property owner has passed away. Whether it’s finding the next of kin of the deceased owner or handling a comprehensive house clearance, Blanchards is committed to providing assistance every step of the way.

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Do you know of an abandoned property in your area?

Are you looking for the owner of an abandoned or empty property? Perhaps a house in your neighbourhood has been neglected and desolate for months or even years. Usually, this happens because the owner has died.

If left for a long time, the impact of empty properties can be severe, including attracting vandalism, causing damage to adjacent properties, becoming irreparable, and reducing the value of the surrounding properties. Bringing an empty property back into use provides a new household with somewhere to live. As well as generating income and protecting the value of the surrounding area.

Key Services:

• We get empty properties back in use, increasing the value of your surrounding areas
• Trace missing owner(s) of property
• Locate next of kin to deceased owners
• We handle the entire estate 
• Secure and insure empty property
• House clearance
• EPC and property management

If the owner is deceased, our service is free of charge to the referrer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is an empty property in your area!

How can we help?

Blanchards expertise lies in locating property owners or their rightful heirs in cases of empty properties. In situations where the property owner has passed away, we specialise in locating the beneficiaries of their estate and establishing direct communication with them to revitalise the property for practical use. Similarly, if the owner is still alive, we proactively reach out to them, aiming to address any property-related challenges, offering informal guidance and assistance throughout the process. Our ultimate goal is to devise a resolution that safeguards the property’s value, thereby benefiting the owners, their heirs and surrounding properties.

What causes an empty property?

One of the primary causes of empty properties is the absence of family members to manage the estate, commonly seen when an individual passes away. Typically, a relative assumes responsibility for handling the estate and probate proceedings, especially if they are the designated heirs. However, a significant portion of estates go unclaimed due to the deceased having no known kin or having severed ties with their family. The resulting accumulation of such cases contributes to the persistence of empty properties. The exhaustive genealogical and tracing efforts required to locate rightful heirs are often beyond the capacity of councils and local authorities, leading to prolonged periods of property vacancy. As a consequence, these properties remain uninhabited for extended durations, resulting in deterioration not only of the property itself but also the surrounding community.

Why report an empty property

We receive reports of unoccupied properties from individuals with various motives, frequently arising from concerns about neighboring properties. Vacant properties can give rise to multiple problems impacting both the property itself and the local vicinity. This includes vandalism, squatting, and environmental harm stemming from the prolonged vacancy, resulting in an unpleasant living environment for those in the vicinity. If you are not a neighbour, you may be reporting the property with the prospects of purchase. This is possible, but we must locate the deceased owners heirs first. Once we take over the case we can then sell the property on their behalf if they wish.