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Tracing Services

Blanchards Offer A Comprehensive People Tracing Service To The Legal Sector.

We have traced thousands of missing persons during our time and believe our unique skill set make us experts in the field of people tracing.

We appreciate that no two situations are the same and so we will tailor the search to suit you.

Whether you’re looking for relatives to an estate you might be dealing with or debtors that need finding, Blanchards can help you. When working with us you will receive a full and comprehensive people finding service within the UK, Europe and Internationally.

Our OSINT certified tracing methods allow our highly trained staff to use Open Source Intelligence to trace people under any circumstances. This process involves unusual and specialist techniques, going the extra mile to trace almost anyone, anywhere. For more infrmation on our Open Source Intelligence success cases, please read our blog, Open Source Research: What is it? Why we do it!


What is it? – This is our ability to trace people that are not missing beneficiaries. That is a separate service. The service can apply to someone you need to locate such as an executor or a creditor (someone that owes money).

Why do we do it? – Solicitors will contact us in need of us to locate someone. For instance, an executor who might have moved abroad or a debtor who has changed address! They can become extremely difficult to locate if you are not a tracing expert.

Do we charge for it? – Yes we do, these services are charged at an hourly rate.

How long does it take? – This is case depending. Some cases can take a few hours but if they’re abroad it can take up to a few weeks.

No Win, No Fee

Our no win, no fee options have an obvious advantage for our clients. Unless the work we have been commissioned to do is complete, we are not paid. These options also mean that the client instructing us is not responsible for payment of our fee, it is deducted from the Estate during Administration.

If you have an enquiry you would like us to look into, then please get into contact with us now.

If they’re out there, Blanchards can find them.

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