Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

Blanchards are a firm of Probate Researchers based in Kent. Our dedicated Genealogists trace thousands of heirs on a global scale. We work with various legal professionals, councils, banks and directly with beneficiaries to estates.

What are Probate Researchers? (Heir Hunters)

As Probate Researchers, we are asked by various legal professionals (Councils, Police, GLD) to trace relatives of deceased estates. Once located by our expert Genealogists, we begin the process of connecting the estate to the those entitled. Blanchards believe that our modern methods of research, coupled with the traditional techniques, make our ability to solve a case almost unparalleled.


Why have I been contacted?

We may have contacted you because we believe you are to be a beneficiary to an Unclaimed Estate, or a lost beneficiary to a Will. We hope that the news of a potential inheritance will be welcomed but we understand that you may be a little cautious to begin with, please look around our website to confirm our legitimacy.



Contacted by another company?

It is not uncommon for a number of companies to contact the same beneficiaries. Blanchards and firms like us work from the Bona Vacantia list, which is updated every day by the Government Legal Department. It contains names of people who have passed away. It is our job to trace their heirs, and as every company is notified at the same time can lead to competition within the industry. As we tell every one of our clients, it is important to proceed with the right firm for you, so be sure to ask plenty of questions and take notes!



How long will it take?

Unfortunately, each case has individual requirements and that changes on a case by case basis, making it impossible to give a definitive answer. Once your case has started, we will give you regular updates and you will have access to an online progress report.



Who do we work with?

We work very closely with our sister company Athena. Athena specialise in estate administration, lost documents and assets and estate distribution.



Rules of Intestacy Explained

The rules of intestacy determine how the estate of someone is distributed when they pass without a will. These rules are absolute and allocate your estate to your family members in a strict order. It is determined purely from bloodline connections to the deceased. Usually the spouse or civil partner will inherit the estate, although unmarried partners will not. If there is no civil partner or spouse, then the estate moves higher up the line.



Payments Explained

Please see our Fees page.