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Contacted by another company?

Have you been contacted by another company? Do they also specialise in Genealogy?

Why have they contacted you?

Here at Blanchards, we locate the Deceased in various ways. In addition to working alongside the public sector, we also find many cases through the Bona Vacantia Division. The Bona Vacantia Division, or ‘BVD’ is part of the Governmental Legal Department. They publish an updated ‘Unclaimed Estates List’ of persons whom have died Intestate. In other words, without a Will. We source many of our cases through this list.

However, this list is open and is used by many so-called ‘Heir Hunters’.  Another Genealogy firm may have located the case in a similar manner, and traced you in their research.

What should you do next?

Please feel free to contact us and discuss the matter. We will ask which company contacted you. After that, we may contact them on your behalf and instruct them that you are a client with us.