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Have you had a friend or neighbour pass away?

We trace family to the deceased.

You may have had a friend or neighbour pass away with no family, leaving you being the closest person to the deceased. In these situations you may be overwhelmed and confused with what to do. Well, Blanchards are here to alleviate that.

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If a friend has passed with seemingly no family you may take on the responsibility of dealing with the deceased. This is a common occurance but can often leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed with the steps to take.

Blanchards can help. We adopt these cases taking all the necessary steps to locate any existing family members and deal with the entire inheritance process. Whether the deceased has a will or not, Blanchards can take on the estate and assure it is dealt with professionally giving you peace of mind in this hard time and keeping you updated. We ensure that your friends estate goes to the right parties and gets treated with the respect they deserve.

This also goes the same for neighbours…

We often deal with cases referred to us from neighbours of the deceased. Again, this is often when family of the deceased is unknown or not existent and usually due to the empty property next door to the referrer. If left for a long time, the impact of empty properties can be severe, including attracting vandalism, causing damage to adjacent properties, becoming irreparable, and reducing the value of the surrounding properties. Bringing an empty property back into use provides a new household with somewhere to live as well as generating income and protecting the value of the surrounding area.

This is why it is important to find a party to deal with these cases. If there is no family to claim the inheritance the properties can just be left there to become a nuisance to the surrounding community.

There will never be a point in the process where we ask you for any money

Key Services:

• Trace missing beneficiaries
• Locate next of kin to deceased owners
• Secure and insure empty property
• Compile all necessary documents needed for probate
• Take on all legal obligations to a deceased estate
• Ensure the estate gets distributed to the correct beneficiaries

Who we are?

We are Blanchards and we are Probate Researchers, although you may know us better as ‘Heir Hunters’. Due to the outstanding results and exceptional service, Blanchards has grown significantly into a thriving international Heir Hunting firm with a large, skilled and professional workforce. Together the team has traced thousands of missing heirs around the world and retrieved millions of pounds for the benefit of the beneficiaries.