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Expert Heir Hunters & Finders

We trace missing heirs at no cost to you!

Do you beleive you are entitled to an estate? Or need help with a friend or neighbour who has passed away?

We are “Heir Hunters” – otherwise known as probate researchers. You may have heard the term Heir Hunters from the BBC television programme of the same name.
Blanchards believe it is the best way for us to describe what we do. We locate relatives that may be entitled to inherit a deceased estate. We find heirs!

We are here to help!

We look for missing heirs who are unaware of their claim to an estate. Sometimes we work from the Bona Vacantia list. However, more often than not we are contacted by individuals who need help with regards to someone who has passed. This could be a family member, friend, client or perhaps even a neighbour who has passed away.

We understand through our experience in the industry, no two cases are the same; in fact, on the contrary any two cases can be polar opposites.
If you find yourself questioning whether or not you believe to be entitled to a share of an estate, or someone you know has passed away, we can help.

We will never ask you for any money!

We believe that our modern methods of research, coupled with the traditional techniques that most companies use, make our ability to find someone or something, almost unparalleled. We strongly believe that our unique skill set makes us very capable Heir Hunters. Please contact us below for a free consultation.

We will get back to you in due time.

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