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Probate Research

Welcome to Blanchard’s Inheritance, where we excel in the art of locating missing heirs. While we prefer to distance ourselves from the label “Heir Hunters” commonly associated with the BBC television program, we acknowledge that it effectively captures the essence of our work. We much prefer our official title, probate researchers.

As probate researchers, we tirelessly search for heirs who are unaware of their entitlement to inherit from an estate. Our services come at no cost to you. Often, we consult the Bona Vacantia list to commence our investigations. However, we also receive numerous inquiries from individuals seeking assistance regarding deceased family members, friends, clients, or even neighbours.

Having amassed extensive experience in the industry, we understand that each case is unique, with its own set of circumstances. If you find yourself uncertain about your eligibility for a share in an estate or if someone you know has passed away, we are here to help.

So, what makes us expert probate researchers? Our team of genealogists possess exceptional expertise in solving cases across the globe. Whether it’s Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, the USA, Canada, Jamaica, Thailand, the Philippines, or many other countries, we have the capability to trace individuals worldwide. By combining modern research techniques with traditional methods, we have achieved unparalleled success in locating anyone. With over a decade of experience as UK probate researchers, we have tackled every conceivable case, leaving no task too daunting.

Now, what exactly is probate research?

Probate research involves tracing beneficiaries entitled to an estate when the deceased, also known as the intestate, did not leave a will. Often, the family members eligible to claim the estate cannot be located. In most instances, the beneficiaries themselves are unaware of their distant relation to the intestate. Our responsibility is to find these beneficiaries, inform them about the estate, and initiate the transfer process.

At Blanchard’s Inheritance, we bear the cost of locating heirs globally, sparing the public sector any financial burden. We offer a complimentary search to determine the existence of living heirs within a short timeframe. If we discover living relatives, we will promptly inform you and provide further assistance as needed. However, if no living relatives are found, we will provide you with conclusive evidence to facilitate your referral of the case to the Government Legal Department, granting you peace of mind.

Our research techniques, which combine modern and traditional methods, have positioned us as unrivalled experts in locating individuals or assets. With our unique skill set, we are highly proficient UK probate researchers.

For free advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or via telephone. We are here to assist you.

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