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The case of June Cole is one which recently garnered national coverage through Key To A Fortune. She lived a life seemingly ordinary to those around her, yet beneath the surface lay a narrative rich with intrigue and surprise. June’s story, unearthed after her passing in 2022, became the subject of fascination on Channel 4’s captivating series, “Key To A Fortune,” shedding light on her legacy and the remarkable turn of events that followed.

About the Intestate

Born on June 30th, 1930, in Edmonton, Middlesex, to Charles Thomas Cole and May Cole nee Sherman, June led a modest existence in her unassuming abode. It was here that she planted her roots, purchasing the house in 1964, just three years after her mother’s passing. With a 10% deposit of £485, she marked 58 years calling the property her home.

She had 2 Brothers, one of which  she lived with, along side his partner. June remained very close to both of them until her Brother sadly passed away shortly before June.

June’s existence was not devoid of adventure. Despite societal norms, she travelled the world alone, which was unseen decades ago, collecting stamps in her passport and capturing memories through countless holiday photos. Her independence was a testament to her spirit, defying conventions as she explored the world without a male companion.

The large estate

Yet, it was June’s passing that unravelled the true extent of her legacy. A retired secretary by profession, she left behind a sizable estate, exceeding £900,000, much to the astonishment of those who knew her. The property valued at over £400,000 was already considered a large estate. However, our asset search service recovered additional funds scattered across various bank accounts, June’s fortune surpassed all expectations. This revelation increased the estate value to close to £1million. This left the 38 beneficiaries in awe of their unexpected inheritance. Blanchards, renowned probate researchers, took centre stage in unravelling June’s mystery, showcasing her story on “Key To A Fortune.”

Key to a fortune

Channel 4 deemed the large estate of June Cole interesting enough to showcase it on their new show Key To A Fortune.

Key To A Fortune delves into the subject of properties left with behind by the deceased with no close family to inherit them. It is then our job to locate the closest blood relative of the deceased and inform them of their new inheritance, changing peoples lives overnight. Often these relatives have no idea about the property or any relationship with the deceased distant relative. The show will explore the properties of these estates.

Blanchards are one of the top probate researchers in the country. We handled all aspects of the process including tracing heirs and dealing with the property. Blanchards heavily feature in the show and provided 5 of the 6 cases the show focuses on.

Furthermore, the aspect of renovation is prominent in the show. Many of the properties we handle can be in ruin and in desperate need for renovation. It is the decision of the beneficiaries to sell at auction for the fastest route to their fortune or to renovate the property to maximise value. Tune in to Key To A Fortune every Sunday at 5:15pm.

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