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As Heir Hunters, we get a lot of intestacy cases from councils publishing names on assorted lists. Primarily the Bona Vacantia, a list of the names of deceased people who have left behind an unclaimed estate. From this, one thing has been made clear: The funerals get processed very fast!


On paper this may sound respectable to handle the deceased in such a quick and orderly manner, but that’s just one way to look at it. The issue with this process is that next of kin can rarely be found by the councils. Finding beneficiaries to deceased estates requires rare expertise and selective resources. These are not often at the disposal of councils.

In such instances the deceaseds funerals would have already taken place. Funerals of this nature are arranged by the council as they could not locate any family to take responsibility. This may be since the deceased is estranged from their family, or they may have very distant relatives that can’t be traced.  The councils will attempt to locate a next of kin to inform them, but councils are not Heir Hunters, and this is not always possible.

Due to this, these funerals take place long before family members are aware of the deceased’s passing. Their name then gets added to a list for Blanchards to locate their next of kin and inform them of the estate left behind. An estate they may be entitled to.

Why use Blanchards?

When contacting these beneficiaries, it has been a common occurrence for many of the family members to exclaim their regret for not attending the funeral. The deceased can regularly be a close family member that has simply become estranged like a brother or even a father. This of course can cause a lot of upset, informing them of the passing of their family member and more still that they have missed the funeral due to it being rushed by the council.

However, there is a simple solution to prevent these occurrences. By referring cases to us we will locate family and most entitled beneficiaries informing them of situation and of the funeral before it happens, allowing them the opportunity to attend. This is a far more respectful way of dealing with an estate opposed to waiting till after they are buried to put their name on a list.

Blanchards are international Probate Researchers, Genealogists, and Beneficiary Tracers. When someone dies intestate, we use our years of experience and expert resources locate the nearest next of kin to the deceased. This makes us far faster and more successful at locating families than councils and we work at No Cost To You and beneficial to all.

Other services for public sector

Blanchards offer an extensive selection of services to the public sector. From beneficiary tracing to bankruptcy searches, we work on hand with you to provide an expert and stress free service. To view our other services please click here. We look forward to working with you.

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