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A question which may ponder many but very few will know the answer. Like any business our work doesn’t go uncharged. Heir Hunters do indeed get paid when dealing with an estate, but it goes deeper than that. We don’t know about others in our industry, but Blanchards NEVER take a fee from our clients. There will never be an instance where a client is asked for x amount of money for the work we have carried out.

Instead, we take a very small percentage from the estate to ensure our costs are covered. This percentage is often small so clients will hardly notice after receiving their inheritance.

However, percentages can vary. We could take a larger or a smaller percentage depending on the size of the estate or the amount of work for us.

So why do we take a percentage?

Though clients are welcome to take on the case themselves, this is usually an extremely complex, long, and difficult process. A process where plenty of mistakes can be made and mistakes can lead to huge problems in the future.

There is a level of expertise needed to take on a case which the general public will likely be devoid of. Proficiency on genealogy, administration and probate itself is an absolute necessity when dealing with a deceased estate. You must also need to purchase any missing documents and state your claim to the estate administrators, proving your entitlement. Furthermore, there are will searches and bankruptcy searches which need to take place.

Blanchards take on the enormous amount of work on your behalf. This ensures the process is stress free for our clients. So, although we do take a percentage from the estate it is more than beneficial for the amount of work taken place.  For more information, please contact us and follow us on LinkedIn.

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