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Across the UK there are over 1 million empty properties and hundreds of thousands of people needing a home. The simple solution is to rejuvenate these empty properties into homes. As of my last update in September 2021, the issue of empty properties in the UK was a matter of concern and debate. Several factors contribute to the presence of empty properties. Properties becoming vacant after someone dies can be a common occurrence. There are several reasons why this happens.

The most common reason for empty properties

A property is often left empty after someone dies because there is no family to take care of the estate. Typically, a family member takes charge of handling the estate and probate process as they are the ones set to inherit. Nevertheless, a significant number of estates remain unclaimed because the deceased had no known relatives or had become estranged from their family. Due to high volumes of such cases, properties are left empty. Councils and local authorities do not have the resources to perform the genealogical and tracing work of finding heirs. Therefore, properties can be left empty for years causing damage to the property and the surrounding area.

Other reasons properties are left vacant after the owner dies

  1. Inheritance and Probate Process: When a property owner passes away, the property may become vacant as it goes through the probate process. This legal process is necessary to determine the rightful heirs and beneficiaries of the property, which can take some time to complete.
  2. Dispute among Heirs: In cases where there is no clear will or disagreement among heirs, the property may remain vacant until the legal issues are resolved.
  3. Emotional Reasons: Sometimes, surviving family members may find it emotionally challenging to deal with the property immediately after the death of a loved one. They may need time to grieve and make decisions about the property’s future.
  4. Financial Constraints: Inheriting a property can come with financial responsibilities such as maintenance, property taxes, and mortgages. If the heirs are unable to afford these costs, the property may remain empty until they can make arrangements.
  5. Estate Liquidation: In some cases, the property might be part of a larger estate, and the heirs may need time to decide whether to keep, sell, or rent it out.
  6. Renovation and Repair: If the property requires significant repairs or renovation work before it can be sold or rented, it may remain vacant until those renovations are completed.
  7. Location and Market Conditions: The location of the property and prevailing market conditions can also play a role. If the property is in an area with low demand or a slow real estate market, it may take longer to find buyers or tenants.

Report an empty property

You can report an empty property to us by filling out the contact form below. We need to know the full address and postcode. Please note we can only work on such cases if the property owner has passed away. If the owner is still alive then it really isn’t considered an empty or abandoned property, regardless if they are inhabiting it. The house is their property and they can do with it as they wish. There’s nothing further that can be done. This also goes the same for council owned properties and the properties owned by housing associations. They will be aware their property is empty and will be making edgeways to occupy it in due time.

Why report an empty property?

We get reports of empty properties from people with numerous intentions. Often it is of concern for a property they are neighboring. Empty properties can cause many issues for both the property and the surrounding area. This includes vandalism, squatting and environmental damage due to the vacancy. All of which is not pleasant to be living near.

Blanchards also get referrals from those who wish to purchase an empty property. With the cost of living have risen to the rate sin has, we understand the publics interest in purchasing and abandoned property and with the prospect of renovation. This is possible when reporting an empty property to us. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. With these properties, we need to locate the deceased’s closest relative to pass on the estate. This estate then becomes their property and they can do with it as they wish. Although, in most cases they just wish to sell the property as fast as possible. So having prospective buyer reporting the property is often welcome and mutually beneficial.

In conclusion

If you are concerned of an empty property or perhaps interested in purchase, please contact Blanchards. As long as the property is truly empty or abandoned we will do our best to form a resolution to your query. Please fill our form below and we will be in touch.

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