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To report a neighbour passing or gain assistance with handling their affairs, please fill out our form below.

Every day Blanchards are contacted by members of the public who have a neighbour pass away. This can certainly be unfamiliar territory leaving those confused and unsure what to do. There are numerous reasons why the responsibility reporting a death may fall on the neighbour. Often it is because they do not have close family or even friends to check on their wellbeing. This is where the power of community comes into play. Without good neighbour’s, who knows how long a body could be left.

What to do when a neighbour passes away…

Notify Authorities and Family: In the event of your neighbour passing at home, it is crucial to promptly contact emergency services or local authorities to formally verify the situation. Subsequently, reach out to known family members and close friends to share the unfortunate news.

Locate Important Documents: Initiate the process by searching for critical documents, including a will, insurance policies, bank statements, property deeds, and any other pertinent records that may shed light on their financial matters.

Appoint an Executor: If your neighbour had a will, it is probable that they designated an executor to oversee the distribution of their assets. In the absence of a will, the court will appoint an administrator. If you are assigned as the executor or administrator, you will assume the legal obligation of managing the estate’s affairs.

What if the deceased has no family?

Even if you believe your neighbour to have no family, there is high likelihood they will still have heirs to their estate. This is where an inheritance company can assist with matters. These firms focus on aiding executors and beneficiaries in navigating the estate settlement process. Here are a few situations where reaching out to an inheritance company might be beneficial:

Complex Estates: In cases where your neighbour’s estate is intricate, encompassing multiple properties, investments, and valuable assets, an inheritance company can offer specialized proficiency in managing these intricacies. Tasks such as will searches, asset searches, beneficiary tracing, and property sales are integral responsibilities of inheritance companies and are better entrusted to seasoned experts.

Legal Support: Inheritance companies frequently employ legal professionals who can furnish guidance on probate laws, tax ramifications, and estate allocation, ensuring compliance with all legal prerequisites.

Lightening the Load: Managing an estate can be overwhelming, particularly during a period of mourning. Inheritance companies can ease the administrative burden, enabling you to prioritize emotional recuperation.

Resolving Conflicts: In situations where conflicts surface among beneficiaries or family members, an inheritance company can act as an impartial intermediary, aiding in mediation and resolution of disputes.

Genealogy Expertise: Genealogy represents a crucial element in beneficiary tracing. While genealogy can be conducted by the public, entrusting it to experts is prudent. Inheritance companies are less prone to errors as they procure certificates and employ skilled genealogists. Additionally, with missing beneficiary indemnity insurance, they are shielded from legal repercussions and can appropriately distribute the estate. In contrast, those lacking such protection might face legal liabilities and potentially be required to compensate missing beneficiaries from their own resources, incurring substantial costs.

How an empty property can affect you as a neighbour?

An empty property can impact you as a neighbour in several ways:

Security Concerns: Vacant properties can attract trespassers, vandals, and illegal activities, thereby compromising the safety of the neighbourhood.

Decreased Property Value: Neglected or unoccupied properties can lower the overall property value of the neighbourhood, affecting the value of surrounding homes.

Maintenance Issues: Lack of regular upkeep can lead to issues like overgrown vegetation, pest infestations, and structural deterioration, which can affect the aesthetics and liveability of the area.Community Engagement: Empty properties might result in decreased community involvement, as absentee landlords or owners may not actively participate in neighbourhood initiatives or maintenance.

Neighbourhood Aesthetics: Neglected properties can create an eyesore, impacting the visual appeal of the area and potentially deterring potential homebuyers or renters.

Financial Burden: In some cases, the burden of maintaining an abandoned property may fall on the local community, putting additional financial strain on residents and local authorities.


Though the process of handling a neighbours death can be intricate. Comprehending your duties as an executor and contemplating the support of inheritance companies can facilitate your path through this demanding undertaking. Keep in mind that seeking advice from legal experts or financial advisors is a wise measure to guarantee the appropriate handling of your neighbours estate This thereby honours their legacy in the most fitting manner. To report an empty property or a neighbour passing please fill our form below.

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