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Blanchards have recently been referred a case which truly highlights the vitality of securing a property in the earliest instance. When we work on a house case, at the earliest instance we send our clearance team to the property. Our stage 1 clearance is the process of searching for important documents. This includes wills which can deeply impact a case for our sister companies. However, this isn’t just a clearance it’s a full securing of the property.

What does it mean to secure a property?

Securing a property is where our clearance team head to the property after 50% of the beneficiaries have signed, agreeing for us to secure the property on their behalf. When we visit the property we change the locks, turn off the water, drain down utilities and obtain any documentation which may be relevant to the case. This can include a will or any financial documents that have link to assets we need to include ion the estate.

The benefit of securing a property

In many cases, when a property is left for prolonged periods of time, ranging levels of damage can occur. This can be caused by squatters, the elements and generally just neglect of the house. We have seen instances of trespassers destroying a property, weeds imbedding into the foundation causing huge damage and the elements taking its toll on the property over time. When a property is secured we ensure no one can enter, utilities are all shut down and any potential to damage the property further is removed.

Anecdotal evidence

Blanchards have recently worked on a case where a property was heavily damaged due to being vacant for so long. A neighbour referred us this case after the property was left for so long. At our initial visitation of the property we found the house completely flooded where a pipe has burst. We are unsure how long ago the pipe burst but the damage was extreme. Thankfully the ceilings did not collapse so the damage should not be too difficult to restore but still an added expense to the property. This highlights why securing an empty property as soon as possible is of the up most importance. Not every company performs this initial house visit, but Blanchards understand the weight of such a responsibility. Maintaining a property’s value and conserving our clients reassurance is paramount.

If you need assistance with an empty property contact us below and visit elsewhere on our website for more information on our services.

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