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Blanchards has achieved a significant milestone in the annals of our company’s history as we garnered our inaugural national coverage. Renowned publications such as The Daily Mail and several other news outlets elected to highlight a specific case featured on our blog page. Operating within the inheritance industry, we are afforded a unique vantage point, exposing us to a myriad of sights and stories seldom witnessed by the general populace. Over the years, we have encountered a plethora of extraordinary and captivating cases, each deserving documentation. Yet, only a select few have risen above the rest, capturing the attention of a discerning journalist.

Upon perusing our website and narratives, the journalist recognised the potential for distinct articles and approached us to incorporate some of our stories. The chosen tale originated from February, centering on one of the many hoarder houses we diligently clear. This particular property presented an unprecedented challenge, standing out as perhaps the most severe case we have ever confronted, featuring deceased pets and pervasive clutter extending from floor to ceiling in every room. The accompanying photographs vividly conveyed the gravity of the situation.

While we would ideally like to showcase our prowess in beneficiary tracing, it is our property clearances and dealings with probate properties that garner heightened interest from the general public. Despite this emphasis, the article briefly delves into the intricacies of intestacy and the heirs we were tasked with tracing.

The article has now permeated various UK news platforms, including The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Star, and more. These articles are currently live, having amassed tens of thousands of reads across UK and even international news platforms. Furthermore, they have ignited discussions in the comment sections, prompting discourse on hoarding and mental health. We invite you to peruse the articles and explore additional captivating stories on our blog page.

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