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Recently, we have worked on a case involving a relative of Dame Shirley Bassey. With the rising popularity of genealogy, more people are discovering their relation to numerous celebrities. Sometimes even royalty.

Even celebrities themselves are discovering they’re related to certain Monarchs…

1. Brad Pitt

The Hollywood actor has not one, but two connections to powerful figures. Brad Pitt is a distant cousin to Queen Elizabeth II thanks to his descent from King Henry II. Pitt is also related to former President Barack Obama due to them sharing a connection to Edwin Hickman. Hickman passed away in 1769 making the actor and the politician ninth cousins.

2. Donald Trump

The current president of the United States and former business mogul is a direct descendant to Scandinavian Royalty. An Icelandic genealogist discovered that President Trump is descended from King Christian I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. He is also related to Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, the current President of Iceland, through their mutual descent from King Hakon V of Norway.

3. Johnny Depp

Like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp is also distantly related to Queen Elizabeth II as he shares a connection to the same 19th Century Grandfather with the Monarch. Though very likely, the relationship can’t be proven as some of the research relies on information for which there are no historical records.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch almost exudes a royal aura on his own, but it just so happens that the Dr Strange actor has King Richard II as part of his royal lineage. But things get stranger still… Genealogists have also shown that Cumberbatch is related to Arthur Conan Doyle, the very man who wrote the Sherlock Holmes books, a character which made Cumberbatch famous..

5. Meghan Markle

Though she married into royalty earlier this year, The Duchess of Sussex also has roots to the royal family you wouldn’t have expected. Gary Boyd Roberts, of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, revealed that Markle is a distant relative of King Edward III. This makes her related to her Husband, Prince Harry, hundreds of times over. Not only this, but Roberts also claims that Meghan Markle is related to numerous U.S Presidents including George H.W. and George W. Bush, Calvin Coolidge, and Richard Nixon.


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